Storelli Silencer Menace Goalkeeper Gloves – Review

Before I tried these Storelli Silencer gloves, I went through some of the things other people said online. I do this from time to time before I try new gloves to get a sense of what to expect. Almost unanimously, I read the responses that I was expecting. Storelli is a good brand that makes decent equipment, including goalkeeper gloves. There were a couple of durability concerns expressed by some people that I want to address.  

The big thing though that I think is super important about these gloves is figuring out if they’re worth the price tag. Many of the Storelli options that I’ve talked about positively on the site had the price on their side. I always talk about this with the reviews; these Storelli Silencer Menace Goalkeeper Gloves can be good gloves. Are they good enough to be worth around 120 dollars? That’s the million-dollar, or one-hundred-dollar question in this case.   

After going through some test runs myself, I have a lot of comments on these gloves. Out of all of the reviews on the site, this one is a bit special. There’s a set of goalkeepers that are really going to be able to benefit from these gloves. Just like many other options out there these gloves may not be for everyone. I do think there’s a market for these gloves, and they are a good step towards building that brand loyalty. 

If you’re not loyal to the Storelli brand, will they not be a good option? That’s not necessarily the case, but the thing is you may not be looking for these gloves unless you are loyal to the brand. If you got here by accident, it may be a good idea to read on!     

What’s The Best Thing About The Storelli Silencer Menace Gloves

Two things stand out to me about these gloves. Number one is the mobility that you’re getting with the neoprene-like backhand. That’s similar to what you get from the Elite Neo gloves. You contrast the thin backhand with a bit of a thicker palm area. That’s going to help make sure that you’re still able to deal with some of the harder shots that come your way. I’ve talked about this concept in other gloves.  

I get the sense that many of these brands that make goalkeeper gloves have figured out that this is the balance that they want to achieve. When you have thin gloves with thin palms like a lot of the options in the Reusch Speed-Bump line your hands could hurt after dealing with the hard shots. With options like these Storelli Silencer Menace Gloves, you get a bit of the best of both worlds. 

Another thing that can be a positive for these gloves is the wrist strap that completely wraps around the whole glove. You’re getting that support that’s essential in the wrist area. What happens with these thinner gloves is that it doesn’t make a ton of sense to have to wrap your wrists and be all bulky in that part of the hand. I’m always going to be a fan of wrist straps because they allow you to have more control over how tight you want that part of the glove to fit.    

Are The Durability Issues a True Concern?

Some people could take a look at this glove and get the sense that there’s way too much latex. The larger palms on a lot of the gloves make them less durable. I really don’t get the sense, though this is the case with these gloves. The fact that it’s a thicker latex base on the palm helps ensure that it’s not going to rip as easily. 

Would I take these gloves to turf or dirt fields and test my luck there? I think that’s a good question and if you’re going to be paying over 100 dollars for a pair of these, and you regularly play on turf you’re going to want to know if they hold up. In my experience with such a thick palm if you make sure to play with damp gloves on rough surfaces these gloves should be ok. 

When it comes to durability we have to be realistic about what we can expect. What I mean by that is, if you’re regularly playing on rough turf fields you’re going to put your gloves through more wear and tear than the guy who plays on perfect natural grass. The sad reality of this situation is that goalkeepers who play on harder fields are going to have to buy more gloves per year than those who don’t.   

Now, how does all of this relate to the Storelli Silencer Menace Goalkeeper Gloves? In my opinion, they can be okay on rough fields. Like I said, yes they’ll last less than they would if you used them just on perfect grass. The palm is thick enough and the backhand is sturdy enough to where I don’t see them ripping apart the first time that you dive for a low ball on a turf field.   

At This Price Tag Are They a Good Deal?

These Storelli Silencer Menace Goalkeeper gloves are right in the price range where we can find the Elite Gloves that I was talking about. To me, that’s perhaps the best direct comparison. There are also some Renegade options that are quite a bit cheaper in the 80-dollar realm that can be compared to these gloves. I get the sense that they are a bit in the upper part of their price range.

That can be a bit of a turn-off for some people. This price range dilemma is what defines many times whether or not a particular pair of gloves is worth it. When compared to these two options that I’m talking about it’s fair to say that the Storelli gloves are the ones that provide the most mobility. They find that balance between protection and mobility better than the other two options. Is the price difference worth it? 

I think I’m in a unique position to talk about the worth of these gloves. Especially comparing them directly with the Elite Neo which many of you may know are the gloves I’ve worn regularly for a couple of seasons. I would understand people who say that the Neo gloves are still too bulky for modern glove standards. These Storelli gloves do a great job solving that issue while still providing enough thickness in the palm area to deal with hard shots. 

It’s just a ten dollar difference more or less between the Storelli’s and the Elite Neo. With that in mind I think it makes sense if you’re looking for a slicker glove. If the price tag is too much for your budget, but you’re looking for a similar option then I suggest that you take a look at the Renegade. They are going to be more bulky than the other two options, but at their price they are a great option!       

Which Goalkeepers Will Really Benefit From These Gloves?

Goalkeepers who are looking to step their glove game up can really benefit from taking this step. These are quality gloves that aren’t in that group of the most expensive gloves on the market. Yet, you’re going to be able to get a lot out of them. They are also a good glove for goalkeepers who are looking for the balance between a glove that offers over-the-top mobility without sacrificing as much padding.  

Many times we don’t want to admit it as goalkeepers, but it’s never a good idea to wear a pair of gloves that don’t have enough padding to help you deal with hard shots. That’s going to lead to more second chances given up and in the worst-case scenario you could be looking at a higher injury risk. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, these gloves provide a good balance between giving you that mobility while still providing enough protection.  

These gloves can benefit both goalkeepers who are really serious about the position and those who are moving into that stage where you want to get serious. I’ve talked before on the site about the benefits of decent gloves. They allow you to really feel what it’s like to wear gloves that can improve your game. That’s something that these Storelli Silencer Menace can provide in my book. 

The only issue that I see is that they may not be the first option that I would have within this price range. They are a solid option across the board. They could be a perfect fit for someone who is coming from some of the cheaper Storelli options. If that’s not the case I worry that the market is a bit too crowded for these gloves to be a top option.