Elite Sports Goalkeeper Gloves – Are They A Good Brand to Buy?

This is an article that I wanted to do for a while because besides the fact that I wanted to talk about Elite Sports goalkeeper gloves, it also gives me a chance to explore the current goalkeeper glove market. Some of the top global brands like Nike and Adidas are implementing technology into their gloves that makes them look awesome. However, they may not be as useful to goalkeepers as more traditional looking gloves. From what I’ve gathered not only trying Elite Sports Goalkeeper Gloves first hand, but looking at all of the models that they offer they haven’t embraced the modern goalkeeper glove cut head on. Instead, they are a brand that still provides what we could call more traditional looking gloves. 

In other articles on this site where I’ve talked about goalkeeper gloves specifically, I always try and differentiate the different glove types and the materials that are being used. Usually, it’s hard to flat out say one type of glove is better than the next. The thing is different types of gloves can cater to folks with completely different needs. One of the problems though that I see is that novice goalkeepers could gravitate to the more well known brands. Without even understanding if the gloves that they are buying will help improve their game or keep them safe. In  general, I think Elite Sports Goalkeeper Gloves can be a decent alternative. 

What Type of Gloves Does This Brand Make?  

I would say that as far as variety in the type of goalkeeper gloves that they make Elite is right up there with the best of them. They are not fully committed to putting out just the modern looking gloves. That’s a major positive in my book. This lets goalkeepers really experiment with different types of gloves to see what fits their play style, their hand size, and even budget. Having said this I want to look into three different types of gloves that the brand makes. To then talk about why I feel that these gloves could help certain types of goalkeepers.  

Right off the bat I want to make one thing clear. Not every single keeper is going to be able to benefit from the high-tech modern cut gloves that we see from the big name brands. Instead of trying to figure out ways to tape your wrists and fingers or do something else to ensure that you feel comfortable with the modern gloves maybe you should take a more conservative approach. That’s what we are seeing from brands that are actually goalkeeper glove brands. Adidas, and Nike especially are not exclusively making goalkeeper equipment. A lot of times that lack of experience in the industry shows. Yet, they can still sell a bunch of gloves because they are the most marketed brands, and you find their gloves in more places.      

Elite Sports Goalkeeper Gloves Traditional Cut Gloves

Elite is really keeping there more traditional cut gloves alive. As I’ve pretty much alluded to multiple times already they see that a lot of old timers are not migrating to more modern options. On the site I’ve criticized some of the newer options quite a bit on the grounds that they don’t really help mitigate the impact on hard shots. What that means is that if you don’t have strong hands with these modern gloves you’re going to feel that pain. In my book goalkeeper gloves are supposed to help you soften that blow. Not make it feel like you’re saving the shot with your bare hands. Here are two options that I feel represent Elite Sports goalkeeper gloves traditional cut.  

Elite Black Real Goalkeeper Gloves

If you’re someone who liked some of the older fingersave models from Adidas this could be the glove for you. It does have finger support spines. They are removable though, but removing them for me kind of takes a ton away from what this glove is meant to be. Which is a traditional cut glove with decent grip from the trademark Elite latex palm. You’re getting the stiff backhand that many people liked about the traditional Fingersave gloves. Granted, I have spoken out about stiff gloves before. So I’m not saying these would be my pick. I’m saying they are what someone who like traditional gloves with finger protection might be looking for. 

The criticism on this glove is that it can be a bit small. So it could be a good idea to buy a pair that’s one size larger than your usual. In my opinion though, this isn’t necessarily a problem that is unique to Elite as a manufacturer. What glove makers call a roll finger cut means that the fingertips are round and somewhat curved in. A lot of times wearing these gloves it feels like they are too tight at the top. This something though that you would do well to watch out for with any goalkeeper gloves with a roll cut on the fingers.    

Elite Club Goalkeeper Gloves 

If you’re looking for a traditional glove that looks and feels like what you used to wear 10 years ago maybe a little bit more this is the glove for you. For the people who are saying you should trust the evolution of technology and not live in the past. There is innovation in this glove. Even though it gives you the traditional look and feel. The innovation is in the latex palm. The latex that Elite Goalkeeper gloves have is surprisingly durable. While providing a decent amount of grip. You are not going to be able to make those videos that people have where the ball sticks to the glove like glue. For me though it’s a functional type of grip. It’s not for show. The glove is certainly going to reward you if you have a good catching technique.

You can see also in this glove that the wrist area is harder than what we find in more modern gloves. These are the types of gloves that you could potentially have a harder time putting on. Just because you need to get your hand through this wrist protection area. However, when you put it on you’re going to get that feel that you probably had with the trusty pair of gloves that you wore back in the day. I don’t think it’s just a pair that you should buy for the nostalgia. The price tag is decent, and feeling comfortable on the field can lead to more saves. It builds confidence, and a lot of times it’s those things that you can’t train too much that you can boost with the proper equipment.     

Elite Sports Goalkeeper Gloves For Kids 

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of these gloves for kids that Elite Sports offers. I’ve given them my best rating for kids gloves in another article. I do have to say that the kids gloves that the brand offers feature a very traditional cut. In many ways though, that’s what you want your kids to wear at the younger stages of their career. These types of gloves tend to offer better protection. Naturally at a young age you’re going to need more help softening the blow from hard shots. Wearing very traditional models could be the way to go. Also, these gloves do have the high level latex palm. They don’t bust out cheap palms that really don’t give you good grip.  

Elite Stars Youth Goalkeeper Gloves

You’re going to see that there’s a crash version and vampire version of these youth gloves. They are the same glove as this “stars” model that I’m talking about. I just happen to like the Captain America themed decor on this glove better than the pop art design on the Crash model. At the end of the day, you can pick the gloves that you like best. It’s really no big deal. Performance wise you really get what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. It’s a kid’s glove that really does have features that top level goalkeepers at any age can want. This isn’t a common theme. Kids gloves were sometimes even made from cheaper materials than what most pros would wear.  

I’m not exaggerating when I say I would’ve loved to have these types of gloves growing up. No it’s not because of the Captain America design. The thing is you can get a sense of what a real goalkeeper glove grip should feel like. Moving forward as you get older you’re going to be able to know what to look for in gloves as far as grip goes. When you wear some of the cheaper kids gloves you don’t have this experience. That can impact the way that you pick out gloves later on. Potentially this could affect your game!  

Modern Cut Gloves 

The modern cut gloves that this brand offers are potentially not as “modern looking” as some of the gloves that are now a staple of the top brands. Even some of the top brands that are primarily goalkeeper glove brands like Uhlsport, and Reusch. In that, you don’t get as thin of a glove as these brands are making. Although Elite Sports goalkeeper gloves could be a little bit “thicker” than what you find with other brands you don’t lose a ton of mobility. Here are the modern options that I feel represent the brand well. 

Elite Ignis Goalkeeper Gloves  

These gloves are a bit thicker than what you can expect from modern cut gloves from other brands. This is something that I feel is on-brand for Elite. They are making a thicker glove without it being bulky. They also add another aspect that is going to help a ton of goalkeepers with a wrist strap that allows you to tighten up your wrist well. Something that is lacking in some of the newer options. Other than that you’re getting a foam backhand. That can help soften the blow from hard shots even more. Yet, it’s not going to feel as stiff as some of the gloves with finger protection feel. Overall, this is a pair of gloves that can suit goalkeepers of all levels. 

Elite Neo Goalkeeper Gloves 

These gloves really stood out particularly the Aqua version. I’ve said on other parts of the site, that I do have a bit of a biased opinion here. These are the gloves that I currently wear. You can think of it as a biased opinion or a very honest review. After all, there’s a reason why I wear them. I’ve said before the durability of the palm area has been off the charts for me. I could see some people having trouble with the neoprene backhand. Particularly if you’re playing in very hot weather. Otherwise, I think it’s a nice touch because it gives you a lot of mobility while also not making you feel like you’re taking the direct impact.  

The Price on These Gloves 

One thing that is very interesting about this brand is that they offer gloves that are all over the price scale. You’re going to have to pay a little bit over one hundred dollars for their premium glove which is currently the NEO glove that we just talked about. However, you can find a very decent traditional cut glove with the regular Elite palm that I praise so much at least, for 50 dollars. When you look at what other brands are offering in those price ranges Elite is bringing quite a bit more quality to the table for those gloves.

When it comes to kids gloves I’m very surprised that they are offering their products are under 40 dollars. Yes, you could get gloves for kids at around 20. Yet, some of the top brands are already charging 60 to 100 dollars for their kids gloves. To be honest, the quality and the feel, as well as the protection that you can get from those gloves is lower to what Elite is offering. It’s not like they are offering awesome prices across the board. Yet, you could go out and buy a quality glove for a little bit below market average. Granted, they won’t be the premium brand. The options though that they offer under 100 dollars can certainly qualify as decent gloves.  

Elite Sports Goalkeeper Gloves Conclusion    

The main idea behind writing this article isn’t necessarily to directly promote the Elite Sports brand. Actually, the idea is to promote real goalkeeper glove brands. It’s not that Adidas and Nike gloves can’t be comfortable and fit great on you. The problem though is that goalkeepers coming into the sport may not be aware of these specialty brands. They’re missing out on a ton of options. Not only price-wise. Which is interesting though about Elite, they do offer gloves at different prices potentially for all budgets. Also, though when it comes to different glove cuts and styles. It’s really hard to crown one style of glove as the best. In reality, each goalkeeper is going to have to find what’s best for them.  

Hopefully, this article gives you a couple of more options to look into. There’s no shame in saying this either. I feel comfortable recommending the brand because it is a product that I use. Therefore, I can talk about it at length from my experience. That said as I mentioned there are certain features of the glove that I would have to acknowledge may not be the best fit for some people. Again though, that’s the challenge of finding goalkeeper gloves. You have to put in the effort to try and find what’s best for you. In my opinion, though you can certainly do a lot worse than Elite Sports goalkeeper gloves. Plus, those kids models make more than one adult goalkeeper really jealous they weren’t available when we were kids!