Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN Goalkeeper Gloves Review

Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN Goalkeeper Gloves Review

Uhlsport is one of the oldest brands that’s been essentially exclusively making goalkeeper equipment. Actually scratch that, I think they have volleyball gear as well nowadays. In any case, it’s certainly the goalkeeper equipment that they are most known for. However, there’s an argument to be made that they are a brand which is not as easy to find in the western hemisphere. There are clear reasons for this. Nike and Adidas have more brand recognition in this part of the world. Also, it’s easier for them to ship to stores in this part of the world. This shipping issue actually makes Uhlsport gloves traditionally expensive. Are these Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN Goalkeeper Gloves worth the splurge? That’s what I’m going to try and decipher here! 

This model has essentially been around for quite a while. The Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN Goalkeeper Gloves are the 2022 version of the gloves. The main difference that we find in the SuperGrip+ model is the fact that they feature a design on the palm area. The earlier versions of this glove featured a plain white palm. Technically this new design can help with durability. That can be a bit deceiving though, because it’s not that your gloves are going to last, it’s just that the design tricks you into thinking they are not ripping apart. At least that’s been my experience with gloves that feature this type of wacky design. With Uhlsport gloves you may find the grip is in the entire design of the glove, not just in the palm. That’s something that’s not evident to the naked eye. You have to put the glove on. 

Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN Goalkeeper Gloves – What’s The Grip Like?

I just mentioned that Uhlsport gloves have a unique sense of grip. They have moved towards the sticky glove. That is a bit of a shame, actually. This is a brand that was able to create gloves that provided a ton of grip without necessarily producing gloves that were overly sticky. The reason why I’m in favor of something like this is because what you get is grip that’s much more durable. Plenty of the modern goalkeeper gloves on the market today will lure you in with sticky gloves that promise to help you make clean catches. That’s all great until you realize that the stickiness of the glove wears off rather quickly.

When it comes to these gloves in particular they may not be gloves again that are going to blow you away with how sticky they are. What they do provide is the ability to make really soft catches. Even when you’re dealing with hard incoming shots you’re going to be able to feel just a light touch on your hands. It can give you perhaps that extra confidence that you need to make clean catches. If you haven’t tried the grip that premium Uhlsport gloves are able to provide it’s hard to describe. A lot of the grip though relies on your ability to make clean catches. Essentially if you have a very good natural catching ability these are gloves that are going to allow you to increase your catching abilities. Without them necessarily being sticky gloves.     

Mobility Is One Of The Assets Of These Gloves

One of the reasons why it’s going to be easier to make clean catches with these gloves is the fact that the backhand area prioritizes mobility. Right off the bat if you’re someone who likes goalkeeper gloves with finger protection this may not be the gloves that you’re looking for. However, if you’re someone who prioritizes finger mobility then these are going to be gloves that you’re going to want to look into. The benefit of buying gloves from a brand that really makes their living from producing goalkeeper gear is that they typically do cater to what goalkeepers need. That can see them be a little late to adapt to certain things. Why fix what isn’t broken though? 

We sometimes find ourselves as goalkeepers in this strange situation where we have to adapt to certain trends that brands are setting. The strapless gloves that every brand seems to carry these days are a perfect example. No one was really asking for something like that at the time. Those of us who truly live between the sticks understand how important stability is in the wrist area. However, top brands made the plunge to strapless gloves, and we had to essentially adapt. These gloves though offer mobility and a good cushion to soften the blow from hard shots. Two things that really do help goalkeepers.    

The Mesh Backhand Won’t Let Too Much Water In

The backhand that’s kind of a mixture of mesh and neoprene is going to be ok when it comes to playing in wet weather. It turns out that every coach wants to be Pep Guardiola these days and so a lot of the fields that you’re going to be asked to play in may be wet. That’s not great news for gloves with mesh backhands. The idea was to allow your hands to “breathe” a bit within the glove. However, when water gets into the glove on a wet day that can hamper your grip big time. These gloves feature an interesting mixture of mesh and neoprene. Your mobility is again benefited by this combination. It shouldn’t get too bad inside the glove when you’re playing on wet surfaces. 

A lot of goalkeepers don’t love the full neoprene backhand that you find for example in Elite Sports goalkeeper gloves. I would agree that it can get kind of hot inside the glove. For me though it’s something that you can overcome. I tend to play in rather hot climates. Maybe if you’re playing further down south a full neoprene backhand on a glove is not ideal. Just like you don’t want to get water in the glove you don’t want to have your hands be too sweaty. That may not be something that we think about a lot. It could be an issue though. In any case, I would definitely say that you get a good balance with these gloves!     

The Modern Wrist Strap Can Be Hit or Miss

I don’t have a strong opinion on this type of wrist strap. I get the sense that some people are able to find the type of stability that they are looking for in that wrist area with this option. At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone mentioned that they don’t like the way that the gloves fit with this type of strap. I’ll put it this way, I wouldn’t be actively looking for goalkeeper gloves that feature this type of strap. Yet, it’s probably not something that would completely force me to stay clear of these options. Essentially it’s a two piece strap that you have to attach from both sides. Instead of the traditional one strap that you just wrap around your wrists.

What I’ve seen happen with a bad two strap design is that you don’t get the type of stability in the area that you want. The strap stays loose. That’s not necessarily something that I think will absolutely happen with these gloves. It is a concern. As I just mentioned in regard to strapless gloves they are going to be an adjustment for someone who’s very traditional in what they like. If you’ve been around the site before you’ll know that I’m one of those traditionalists. So I’ll usually have my doubts about these types of options. If you’re someone who likes to tape your wrists you won’t have too much of an issue with this strap.       

Durability Is Right Up There With The Best Of Them

The update on the design of the palm from the original version should provide better durability. A lot of times the gloves that just feature a play white palm are going to have a tougher time with the wear and tear that will come naturally. One of the good things about the German latex that Uhlsport uses is that it’s typically more durable than what we can find from other brands. Right then and there I would say that almost with my eyes closed I would bet that Uhlsport gloves are more durable than the ones that other brands offer. Even with this added durability these gloves can still use some help.

If you take anything from this review it may as well be this. Don’t be afraid to wash your Uhlsport gloves! It’s going to allow you to extend their lifespan considerably. Since you don’t rely so much on the soft latex for grip with these gloves even if they are a little rougher around the edges you can still find grip. Even in the later stages of the gloves’ lifespan. It’s super important though that you choose a proper drying method. Don’t leave them out to dry in the sun. That would be the worst thing that you can do. If you want a little extra stickiness go ahead and use Gloveglu!    

Yeah, The Price Tag Is Steep

I want to get to the elephant in the room. At the time of writing this review these gloves cost around 160 dollars. These are going to be goalkeeper gloves that are meant only for people who are completely serious about goalkeeping. If you just sometimes get in goal at a kick about with friends it’s not going to make a lot of sense for you to buy these gloves. That being said, for those people who are serious about goalkeeping these gloves can be a good asset for your career. What many people outside the goalkeeping circles may not get is that having good goalkeeper gloves can directly impact your game.

There’s a mental aspect to the impact that these gloves can provide and an actual tangible impact. For example, if the gloves are overly sticky and the ball just sits there whenever you make a save, that’s a direct impact that you’re going to have. When you go into a game with gloves that allow you to do that you’re going to feel more comfortable making clean catches. The issue with these gloves is that they aren’t overly sticky. Still, as I mentioned they can really help a goalkeeper that already has a decent catching technique. Really all you need then are gloves that can help you get over certain mental hurdles that you may come across.    

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Who Will Benefit The Most From Wearing Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN Goalkeeper Gloves? 

I’ve essentially crafted this section to end all of my reviews. What I realize is that not all of the gloves on the market are going to be a good buy for every goalkeeper under the sun. In this particular case I mentioned that these Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN goalkeeper gloves may not be a good fit for the casual goalkeeper. That’s a price related assessment though. If you’re a casual keeper, and you don’t mind spending 160 dollars on goalkeeper gloves go for it. Especially if you’re making the jump from cheap gloves to these. You’re going to feel the difference from day one.

Anyone who is playing competitive soccer could benefit from these gloves. Of course, you’d have to check and see if the gloves are a right fit for you. For example, the wrist strap situation may be a turn-off for some people. That doesn’t mean that these are bad gloves. In fact it just goes to validate the existence of this section in every article! Some people are going to be ok with that strap, others aren’t. Other than the unique strap there are not a lot of other elements to these gloves that could be a turn off. The Uhlsport Speed Contact SUPERGRIP+ HN goalkeeper gloves could seemingly help any and all goalkeepers improve their game if the glove fits right! 

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