Blok-IT Goalie Gloves Review – Are They A Good Glove For Kids or Adults

Blok-IT is one of these brands that has popped up on Amazon and gets pretty decent sale numbers for their goalkeeper gloves. Let’s not sugar coat it, the reason why they can get decent sales is because they sell their products at very low prices. If you’ve read through some of my other goalkeeper glove reviews you’ll know that for the most part I despise these no-name brands that are making goalkeeper gloves at lower prices. It’s not the lower prices that I hate, of course, it’s the altered perception of reality that I think these types of gloves can create. That probably sounded a bit too profound for an article about goalkeeper gloves. Let me double down on this though, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

A lot of these brands that sell cheaper goalkeeper gloves are selling you gloves that are not made from the same materials that pro gloves or even good amateur gloves are made from. As a goalkeeper that means you don’t get a sense for what real goalkeeper glove grip should feel like. As a parent buying these types of gloves can also alter your sense of reality when it comes to how much goalkeeper gloves should cost. The Blok-IT Goalie gloves that I’m going to be talking about today may alter your perception of what real goalkeeper gloves are going to cost. However, their saving grace is that they are made from decent materials. That makes them a good starting point for younger goalkeepers

Grip With Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

I think then you almost have to come from more high-end gloves to really appreciate the level of grip that you can potentially get from these gloves. If you’re coming from equally lower end gloves you’ll certainly see the jump in grip. When you’ve worn better gloves though you’ll appreciate the grip level that you can get with these Blok-IT gloves at the price tag that you can get them for! What I would recommend to really maximize your grip with these gloves is to put some Glove Glu on those palms when they are brand new. You probably won’t get the stickiness that you can expect from most of the top gloves these days. At least not naturally right when you take them out of the box.   

The good thing is that you can recreate that feeling through adding Glove Glu. Of course there’s a huge downside that I can’t afford to not mention. Getting some Glove Glu is going to be almost just as expensive as buying another pair of these Blok-IT gloves! Does that mean that you should just stick to the grip levels that these gloves can provide naturally? You could take it like that, but I would also argue that Glove Glu can last more than one pair of gloves. It may be something that’s worth having in your back pocket for when you feel that you need that extra protection. Just to come back to the natural grip that these gloves provide. I would qualify it as decent right out of the box, with some room for improvement.   

How Much Do These Gloves Really Protect You?

If you’ve read some of the other reviews on this site you know that this is my crusade. I’m never going to recommend a thin modern cut glove for beginner goalkeepers. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that you should be wearing those types of gloves until you’re a full grown adult. Even then, if you have thin wrists you probably want to wear something that offers a little more protection. What’s this issue that I’m talking about? Thinner gloves are not going to be as good as containing the impact of a shot. Therefore, when you go to make a save on a hard shot you’ll feel the burn. Thicker gloves like the Blok-IT Goalie Gloves are going to give you an extra layer of protection. 

What happens with the Blok-IT Goalie Gloves is that you won’t feel that tingle on your fingers as much. I want to make that “as much” part really clear. Any gloves that you wear could be rendered useless in a sense if you encounter a hard enough shot. Even if you’re wearing the thickest gloves in the world you may feel the burn and even get hurt if a shot is coming in too hard. Particularly if you’re a younger goalkeeper. When you’re in that developmental age it’s typically a good idea to wear gloves that provide an extra layer of protection. It’s not realistic to think that you’re going to have the strength on your own to be dealing with those hard shots. Like I mentioned there’s also no shame in recognizing that you prefer that thicker glove later in your career.    

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Durability Is One Of The Biggest Question Marks

When you have a glove that features some much of that rubber latex that means that you’re going to have to essentially care for the entire glove just like you would with the palms. If not what you’re going to have is a glove that has a hard outer shell. Latex when it’s not properly moisturized if you will, is going to harden. The problem with these gloves is that you can’t leave them for example out in the sun too much. The next time that you’ll want to use them after that you’ll feel how hard it is to move your hand. In the worst case scenario with these types of gloves you’ll see how the glove is literally falling apart.

One of the things that worries me about these gloves particularly when it comes to them being used by kids is that they need to be wet for the best performance. If the glove is dry and you try and slide across the dirt it’s going to cause it to rip a lot quicker. At the same time after the game or after practice these gloves are going to need a lot of care to be able to maintain their grip levels. I guess it’s a good teaching point for kids to take care of their gloves. If they don’t take care of their gloves almost religiously though they’re going to see a performance dip rather quickly. So they’ll want new gloves after maybe a couple of months.   

Value For Money Can Be Really High

One of the things that I have a bit of an issue with in these reviews is talking about durability. The reason why I say this is because the same exact glove used in different surfaces can give certain keepers the sense that it’s extreme durable. While others are going to feel that it falls way short. The same can be said when it comes to the care that you give the glove. The reason I’m saying this is again is because these gloves can give you a great value for money no question. You just need to make sure that they last long enough so that you can exert that value out of them. They may not be gloves that I’m going to recommend for rough fields. 

The thing is the only real way that you’re going to be able to know if you’re going to get bang for your buck with these gloves is to buy them. That’s obviously the same with any of the gloves that you can look into as a potential fit for you. I get the sense that if you’re someone who trains daily, and you can get 2 good months out of these gloves it’s a great deal. Obviously anything over that is even better. For me 2 good months with decent training gloves is a great deal for someone who is training daily and is probably going through gloves really quickly.     

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Who Can Benefit From Wearing Blok-IT Goalie Gloves?

Without a doubt these gloves are some of the more versatile options on the market. I know that I’m talking about a no-name brand here. The thing is these gloves are properly priced! That’s something that I feel even big brands have not been able to get right. Particularly when you see gloves at 100 dollars that have no business being there for quality and brand recognition. In this case, the price and the design of these gloves makes it, so beginners can wear them. They’ll be getting a glove that provides an added layer of protection. Particularly when compared to most of the high-end modern gloves. At a point in their development that it makes sense to look for that added protection. 

Also, I feel that these gloves can be a very good fit for goalkeepers that are training on a daily basis. These goalkeepers are going to be able to appreciate the price tag because they know if they go out and try to get a similar glove it’s going to set them back at least something like 60 dollars. When you’re training on a daily basis you’re going to go through gloves quickly. I would much rather go through 5 or 6 pairs of 30 dollar gloves than the same pairs of gloves for 60 or 100. The only doubt that I have is wearing these gloves on fields that are too tough. I feel like it’s going to be hard to extract that “value” that I’ve been talking about.  

Blok-IT Goalie Gloves Review – Conclusion 

I don’t want to make it seem like these gloves are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hopefully though, I’ve made it clear that their design and their price put them in a very interesting spot. To the point where they could be a smart buy for multiple goalkeepers. Also, the fact that they sell the same gloves in a ton of different sizes makes them even more attractive. With all of this in mind, if you want to go ahead and make the purchase please do so through one of my links on this page! You’ll be helping create more content like this that hopefully helps goalkeepers like yourself!