Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves Review - The Cheap Premium Glove?

Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves Review – The Cheap Premium Glove?

The first thing that came across my mind when I looked at these Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves was that this was an attempt from Select to create a modern cut glove. I’m very familiar with the select brand first seeing them as I was growing up. They were the brand that provided soccer balls and uniforms to AYSO when I was growing up in southern California. I got my start there if you will when I was six! I remember thinking that these “gringos” had no idea what they were doing making soccer equipment. For a long time I did get the sense that this was the case. Recently though when I started writing for this site I came across multiple goalkeeper gloves from Select that I actually really liked.   

I’ve actually featured some of their gloves in other articles that I’ve written. If I recall correctly there’s a pair of Select gloves in my article about gloves for tough fields. I also have a pair of them in my article about cheap gloves that can work well for you. I’m saying this, to say that it’s not the first pair of Select gloves that I come across. If we’re being fair this isn’t necessarily a unique goalkeeper glove. In the sense that these guys at Select are trying to find a design that’s going to be groundbreaking. It’s more of a copy of what’s out there from other brands. Where it makes sense for me though to try the Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves is to see if you’re ready to step into the modern cut goalkeeper glove. That’s why I gave it a look! 

Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves – Grip

When they are perfectly new, and you get them damp, these gloves are going to have very good grip. Since they are the type of gloves that feature latex all the way down to the wrist area, if you play your cards right you can actually increase your catch radius considerably. If you already use glove glu you know what I’m talking about. They are the type of gloves that are not going to hold up too well in turf or dirt surfaces. What does this have to do with grip? The thing is that let’s say your first use of these gloves is in turf. What can happen is that as the game goes on you start losing grip because the pellets have started to rub off on the glove. 

If you want to maximize the amount of grip that you get with these gloves you’re going to want to make sure that you keep them damp all throughout the game or training session. There are two things that you’re going to be able to accomplish with this. One is to minimize the wear and tear because the water should serve as a bit of a lubricant. These are the types of gloves that you never want to leave dry. You can get very decent grip from them, but they do need a lot of help. Just want to put that out there because your experience with the glove can vary drastically if they are wet or dry!  

How Do These Gloves Fit?

On a personal level I like the fit a lot. These are thinner gloves on the fingers and that sits rather well with me. I do get the sense that this can be a problem for people who have a bit thicker fingers. If that’s the case with you, you may want to look into wearing gloves that are a size bigger than what you may typically wear. Since the strapless part that goes around the wrist fits rather tight in that area as well you should be ok. If you feel that the gloves are a little long though because you had to go one size over you could always look to add tape to your fingers.

If you’re like me though, and you have thinner hands these gloves can fit really well. In fact, I know that some of the gloves out there are actually a bit too wide for lady goalkeepers, and not all of the brands carry a woman’s glove. This particular option could be a great starting point for girls who want to experience the modern cut glove without having to invest a ton of money on the pair. Maybe I’m exaggerating on just how thin these gloves are. It is something though that I believe I’m obligated to talk about. If you have wider hands in general it could be an issue for you. On the other end they can be great for people with thinner hands.      

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Do The Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves Mitigate A Shot Impact Well?

There’s no question that these gloves are a bit on the thinner side. There’s no way that I’m going to try and hide that. Again I do feel that they are a representation of their release date. Some of the 2022 models are a bit thicker. When these modern cut gloves came along in the late 2010’s which is actually the case for the Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves they were made a little too thin. Remember this is a 2019 model. There are goalkeepers out there that do prefer their gloves to be this thin. If you take the step from thick gloves to this, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be feeling the burn a bit with some of the harder shots you face. 

It’s not too bad though. The latex itself is thick in its composition. It is a material that is meant to be able to reduce the impact. So it’s not like some other gloves where it feels like you’re wearing sheets of paper on your hands. However, as I mentioned before this could also be an issue that you have to deal with. If you’ve read through some of my other reviews you know that I’d rather be honest about the different issues that you may encounter instead of just praising the glove all the way through. That doesn’t really help anyone in my opinion. Back to these gloves though the latex is good, but they may be a bit thin for some people!     

How Long Can You Expect These Gloves To Last?

These are not gloves that I would recommend taking to a rough field at all. If you want them to last I’ve already said that they are going to require quite a bit of care. They may not be perfect for the goalkeeper that trains every single day. Especially not one that does so on rougher fields. If you play on nice fields, and you’re looking for modern goalkeepers gloves without having to pay the premium price they can be an option. If you use these gloves for training every single day you can expect them to last 2 or 3 months tops. When they are just your gloves for the Sunday League then they could last a long time. Especially if you’re keen on making sure that the gloves are well taken care of.

One of the benefits that you get from these particular gloves has to do with the fact that you can literally pressure wash them in a sense. Since they are so thin you don’t have to worry about using too much water in the washing process. It’s going to be rather easy to squeeze the water out of these gloves and get them dry quickly. You don’t want to leave them too dry anyway. They may smell a bit after a while, but since there’s a lot of latex on these gloves you’re going to want to make sure that you keep that area properly hydrated! 

For Sunday league use only they should be able to last the season if you wash them after you use them, and you make sure to dry them accordingly. My tip with these gloves is to squeeze as much water as you can out of them, and then use a hair dryer on cool to get them dry.      

Price vs Quality Ratio 

I’m sorry it took me so long to get to the elephant in the room, but I’ve kind of referenced this already. Let me be direct though, of course I would not go out and buy this pair of gloves at 200 dollars or even 100 dollars. At 50 dollars though, considering the options that are currently within that range I think they make sense for keepers who are trying to get a feel for the modern cut glove with no strap. Not a fan of the no strap, I’m going to be honest because that’s something I’ve been consistent with on this site. What I like though about these gloves is that they can certainly serve as the stepping stone towards modern cut gloves.

You know the thin gloves with no strap that basically every single big brand is making today. Since these gloves go around 50 dollars I think it makes sense to give them a try. If you’re not active when it comes to glove care with these gloves they may not last all that long. That is something that I feel is a concern, but overall it’s a good gamble if you will to see if these types of gloves are for you. If that is the case then you can take the next step and purchase a modern glove from one of the top brands. The other way around you’re potentially putting down at least 120 to 150 dollars on gloves that are as big of an enigma to you as these.    

Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves Review - The Cheap Premium Glove?

Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Gloves – Does It Make Sense To Purchase These Gloves?   

I kind of got ahead of myself on this one, but I still wanted to provide this as a conclusion if you will. Again as I said I think that these can be good practice gloves, and they can provide a sense of what it feels like to wear a modern glove. These types of gloves are not for everyone. I’m talking about modern cut gloves in general, not just the Select 90 Flexi Pro Goalkeeper Glove. That’s what gives this option a ton of value in my opinion. For example this is a very thin glove. On the positive side this gives you a ton of mobility in your fingers. Your hands are never going to feel heavy with these gloves. 

The problem with that though is that some people are going to argue that the gloves don’t provide enough cushion for them. What happens is that you may be feeling your hands burning after saving a hard shot. That was my experience with Reusch Speed Bump gloves from a couple of generations ago. Ultimately these can be a very good investment to see if you want to head down this route and potentially buy other modern cut glove options in the future.

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