Best Goalkeeper Gloves Under 30 Dollars

Recently I did an article where I talked about how much money you should potentially be spending on gloves. One of the things that really stood out to me when looking into low-cost options is that I couldn’t recommend a low-cost option that would drastically impact performance on the field. Especially if you’re getting used to being in goal or you’re looking for something for your kids. One of the common themes with cheap gloves and some of the very poorly made kid options is that they’ll be extremely thin. That can be a good thing when you’re looking for better hand mobility. In a lot of ways though, that ends up being a negative aspect for kids and folks who are starting out. You need more cushion to protect you from hard shots. I hope to avoid that issue with the best goalkeeper gloves under 30 dollars! 

A common theme that I hope you are able to find on this list of options is that we are talking about the best goalkeeper gloves under 30 dollars that you are actually going to want to wear. The last thing that I would want to do is recommend a glove that I believe would hamper your performance or even worse promote potential injuries. Therefore all of the gloves that you’re going to be able to find being referenced here are decent gloves. We could debate over whether or not you could get better gloves if you put down a bit more cash. At the end of the day though, you never know when you could be running low and still want to get a new pair of gloves. Don’t underestimate these best goalkeeper gloves under 30 dollars!    

I wanted to also give out a quick disclaimer. These are going to be the best goalkeeper gloves under 30 dollars or at 30 dollars for regular sizes. There are certain companies that offer these types of prices for youth size equipment. There are certainly more options in that department. Yet, the ones that we are going to be covering here are for regular sizes.  

The Real Under 30 Option : Adidas Predator Training Goalkeeper Glove

In doing the research to write for this article, I realized rather quickly that I was going to have to break some rules with the options. The reason why I’m going to ultimately end up breaking some of these rules is because most of the options that are out there are right at thirty. That means that plus, tax and shipping you’ll ultimately be paying a little over 30 for most of the options on the list. The Adidas Predator Training Goalkeeper Glove is the only option on the list that you may be able to get literally under 30 dollars online and it would make sense.    

When you look at this pair of gloves you’re almost transported back in time to the early 90’s and late 80’s era. In those days there were not a lot of options to choose from when it came down to what type of cut the gloves featured. Very basic square-like base that does not adapt to the real shape of your fingers at all. The thumb protection on these gloves is basically non-existent. The rest of the fingers though are a little more protected. One of the things that stood out to me in a favorable way was that these gloves are not as thin around the other fingers. You are getting some protection.

To be honest though, you’d have to be in a real hurry to pick this pair up. You can actually find versions of this particular glove from different brands at prices lower than 30 an Amazon. There’s a Nike version of the same type of glove. There are Puma versions available. It’s really the classic cut glove that you would pick over your bear hands if you were just worried about protection. There’s a case to be made though that you could achieve better performance with your bear hands than with these gloves. You could grip the ball much better with your bare hands.   

Best Goalkeeper Gloves Under 30 Dollars: Your First True Gloves : Jalunth Soccer Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves  

I’m typically not going to be someone who would recommend that you buy equipment from certain brands that don’t typically manufacture gloves or soccer equipment in general. In the interest of full disclosure I was not aware of the existence of the Jalunth brand before I started doing research for this article. They are a brand that creates different types of outdoors equipment that you find on the cheap end selling on Amazon. Essentially this is their version of goalkeeper gloves. There are a couple of things to like from these gloves. The first of them being the price tag. You can get these gloves for under 20 dollars and they go for around 17. 

Another one of the things that I liked about these gloves was that they offered adult sizes at the same low rate that you get for the kid size. Overall, you can see that the design is based on a more complex goalkeeper glove with a more natural finger cut. You are not just dealing with the bulky older looking glove that I just mentioned with the Adidas option. They even have hard finger protection on the gloves that they call fingersave feature. The last time I checked the Fingersave mantra was a registered trademark for Adidas. Let’s hope that they don’t have issues there. 

These are an option that you can look into if you want a glove that tries to mimic some of the features that you can get from professional goalkeeper gloves. You’re going to be paying a very cheap price for them. With that in mind, it’s probably not wise to expect extreme durability from these gloves. Particularly if you are going to be using them on a regular basis. The only question that I would pose would be with mobility. I don’t love finger protection on my gloves even from top brands because I feel it limits finger mobility. If we are talking about a complete rip off of the fingersave model from an unknown brand, I don’t think that finger mobility will be all that great.           

Best Goalkeeper Gloves Under 30 Dollars: A Previous Generation Glove : Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

This is another option that is offered by one of those brands that essentially just sell on Amazon. There are a couple of concerns when you look into the products sold by these types of brands. As I mentioned in the previous entry. The first thing that jumps out to me is that these gloves are made exactly as gloves were being made in the mid to late 2000’s. You don’t have the old school cut like the first option that I talked about. These gloves are meant to curve in a more natural way as your fingers tend to do. What we had a lot in those days were much thicker gloves. 

These days, the top brands are looking for lighter gloves that are going to give you more freedom of movement. While at the same time being able to help you mitigate the power from incoming shots. A couple of years back that freedom of movement wasn’t exactly the main concern. What brands were looking to do was give goalkeepers thicker gloves that were able to help players deal with powerful shots. The design of these gloves essentially mimics what a lot of the top brands were doing a couple of years back.    

Just because the design can seem a bit antiquated it doesn’t mean that it isn’t or can’t be effective. When you have been in this for a long time you know that sometimes the design that you felt fit you best may not make into the next generation of gloves. Essentially you just adapt to what you can find. These gloves though, are a good option for people who want to get involved in the game without paying top dollar for gloves. They can also be a cool way for older keepers to reminisce on the older designs that we used to see from gloves a couple of years ago. Even when the top brands have moved on to different designs. 

A Bit Over 30 Option : PUMA ONE Grip 1 RC Goalkeeper Gloves

These gloves are priced right around the 29.99 range. As I mentioned before there are a couple of options on the list that you could end up paying a little north of 30 dollars for when you account for the different fees that could come your way. If you want to pay a low price for what could potentially be labeled premium gloves this could be the option for you. These are a great option for the Sunday league keeper on the up and coming keeper that up to this point has only worn gloves that you can find at Walmart or your local Sporting Goods store. The reason I say that is because you’re getting a taste of what you can find with premium gloves. Test them out and see if you’re up for a heftier investment next time around.     

These PUMA ONE are not going to be as thin as maybe some of the more modern options that you can find particularly from Adidas or Nike these days. I would say they are in between the Blok-IT Goalie Gloves which are a little bit more bulky. Much thicker, and provided less movement. The PUMA gloves are going to give you that soft latex surface that is going to reduce the impact of hard shorts on your hand. Yet, they are not going to be as light as a feather as some of the more modern options are looking to be. This is not meant to be a knock, though, on these gloves.  

Recently for example, I was wearing Reusch Speed Bump gloves which feature a more modern thin frame. They felt great to wear, you hardly felt the weight of the glove on your hand. I recall though that after games or training sessions I would have to ice my hands because for me the glove was not able to mitigate the impact of certain shots enough. I have thin fingers and hands in general. The ultra thin gloves in my perspective did not provide enough protection. With that idea in mind, I surely believe that a lot of people are going to be able benefit from this type of glove.      

Right At 30 : New Balance Damage Goalkeeper Glove

New Balance hasn’t been around all that long in the goalkeeping world. They have been making a bit of a push to get into the world of soccer in the last couple of years. One of their ideas to start building a little bit of brand awareness is to offer these quality equipment at relatively low prices. The New Balance Damage Goalkeeper Glove costs right around 30 dollars you can pay a little bit more than that with the shipping fee. What you’ll be getting is a very decent glove. The cut on these gloves is really similar to what you can get from Elite goalkeeping’s flagship glove. With plenty of neoprene in the backhand that allows you to stretch your hands well. 

This is one of those gloves that you’re going to make sure that you keep wet. The latex seems to be decent, but it could be one of those gloves that is going to fade rather quickly. This is not a main issue if you are going to be playing in most grass fields. You could be dealing with more durability problems if you’re playing on turf or dirt fields. This aspect is one that you would too well to keep in mind with any of the gloves that you buy. Especially if you’re exploring some of the low cost options.     

As with the Puma option these are discount prices. Allegedly these types of gloves go for much more on regular prices. This can help maybe ease some of the doubts that you had about the quality of products that you’re buying. With a lot of the Puma options that are right around the 30 dollar range you could say that they could be worth more. The problem is that they just don’t have the brand recognition to compete with Reusch, Adidias, Uhlsport, Elite and other options. That’s why they produce medium tier quality gloves at lower prices. 

Are These Really The Best Goalkeeper Gloves Under 30 Dollars?

Overall I feel very confident about the list. There are other options on Amazon and there are brands like Diadora, who are recognized soccer brands that offer low price goalkeeper gloves. One of the main reasons why I excluded some specific models from the list was the fact that you can certainly find the model at under 30 dollars on Amazon or eBay. Yet, the sizes are usually very limited. In some cases the under 30 dollars cost only applies to youth sizes. These are some of the best goalkeeper gloves under 30 dollars that you can potentially find available on a consistent basis with different size options. As I mentioned, there’s still a chance that you can find a steal on Amazon. 

How Much Should You Spend On Goalkeeper Gloves?     

This is a question that I posed on another article on the site. Therefore, I don’t really want to get too deep into the possibilities here. What I do want to say is that it really depends on your budget of course, and your usage rate. Would I say it’s a good idea to keep game gloves and practice gloves? This can certainly be an option. I would say though, that it’s a good idea to keep the same model or type of glove for both purposes. It’s just like a pair of shoes when you wear them you want to make sure that you are as comfortable as can be.  

Even if you are someone who essentially uses your gloves a lot, there is no shame in finding a good deal and sticking with a particular model because of this. I would say that if you find something that is a comfortable fit for you and you don’t have to pay a ton of money for it then you’re onto something that could be special. You don’t necessarily have to use up the glove until it’s completely broken either. I know there are goalkeepers that keep their “lucky” gloves for ages. I think that new equipment provides better performance than superstition. At the end of the day though, it’s your call.