Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves - Review

Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves – Review

Reusch is perhaps the most well known goalkeeper glove brand. Of course, for people outside of goalkeeping they’ll be more familiar with Adidas or Nike. My point is that Reusch is perhaps the brand that was born a goalkeeper gear brand that is the most well known. There’s a reason why they’ve been in business for such a long time. In the current landscape of goalkeeper gloves I would dare say that they are the brand that’s trying more things. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next great breakthrough in goalkeeper gloves comes from them. Are the Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves that next great break thorough? That’s what I’m going to try and find out! 

Just on the surface this is a pair of gloves that’s meant to attract goalkeepers that are looking for a light glove. The fabric materials that you have on the backside of the glove reflect that perfectly. At the same time you have a palm area that features a thick latex covering. What we can clearly take from this is that Reusch was looking to make a light glove that could still help their goalkeepers withstand some of the hardest shots that they are going to face. Moving on, one of the first things that you realize when you put on the glove is that when it comes to finger support this is one of the best options for goalkeepers that want finger support, but don’t want to feel like their hand is heavy or robotic in movement.  

Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support – Grip

When I talk about Reusch being that company that is actively putting out different types of gloves this is one of the main spots where you’ll notice. You’ve got for example the speed bump palms on some of their models. In the case of the Reusch Attrakt Freegel what you have is a much more traditional palm. I like the fact that it’s a bit thicker than some of the other ones that Reusch. When I talked about the Speedbumb gloves precisely I mentioned that for me the glove was too thin. That led to my hands literally hurting after every single game or training session. With a thicker palm you’re able to avoid the issue while still having a “thin” glove that’s going to prioritize mobility. 

With this kind of latex grip can go one of two ways particularly over time. If you’re really careful about how you clean your gloves and maybe use some GloveGlu after cleaning them you can maximize the grip on these gloves. Plus, you’ll be able to keep that grip at decent levels even as you use the gloves more and more. Of course, it can also help if you don’t play on fields that are too rough. If you do play on rough fields, and you don’t wet the glove before the session the grip is going to dip, and the gloves are going to rip real easy!   

Lightweight Glove With Finger Support

What we as people in the goalkeeping community have to respect from Reusch is that they’re putting out gloves that actually solve issues that goalkeepers have. There’s an argument to be made that some of the developments that we get from Nike in specific are things that no one asked for. In this case we’re talking about a glove with finger protection that’s meant to allow goalkeepers to not lose as much movement with the finger support. I’ve talked about this before. One of the main reasons why pro goalkeepers moved away from gloves with finger support is because they feel bulky. We typically prefer having movement to be able to grip the ball right than having that extra protection.   

When you add the fact that these gloves come with a very traditional wrist strap the design idea is very clear. They’re trying to build a glove that’s able to give you that extra support that you may be looking for. Without having to give up that mobility aspect. Do I think this design and these gloves are going to be everyone’s cup of tea? Definitely not, but the fact is no glove on the market is going to cater to the needs of every goalkeeper under the sun. These, Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support gloves are made to attract a very specific audience. It’s goalkeepers that want extra finger and backhand support without losing as much hand mobility.   

What You’ll Probably Love About The Glove

I really like the mobility aspect in a glove that features finger protection. I don’t think that this is something that’s overly replicated across the entire market. If you like very traditional grip and the strap part of the glove that’s also something that you’re going to appreciate. In fact, saying that this is a kind of hybrid glove in the sense that it has features from other gloves packed into one is a good assessment in a sense. That may end up meaning that it takes a very special type of goalkeeper to appreciate the glove. Looking at the price tag that may exactly be the case that’s why it’s at that 100- 120 dollar range and not above that. 

This brings my next point perfectly. These Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves can perfectly serve as your game glove and practice glove. Yes, they may be an option that’s better suited again for a goalkeeper that’s been around the block at least a few times. When it’s all set and done though I do think that there are goalkeepers within that realm that I’m describing. Especially some of us out there who’ve had finger injuries and believe that added support could help. Yet, you stay away from gloves with finger support because they feel stiff. This can be a good answer to that problem!  

Where This Glove Could Be Lacking 

For the most part I’m never the biggest fan of the type of fabric that these gloves have on the backhand area. The idea is to make a lightweight glove. Like I mentioned, that’s exactly what you get. I would be worried though that the fabric when wet is going to feel heavier than it is. It’s going to stink, so you have to be very proactive about making sure that the gloves dry off right. Also, if they get wet there’s a good chance that the water or moisture is going to filter into the inside of the glove. All of this may not be a major deal for some goalkeepers. Just thinking about some of my keepers in the colder climates makes me have some of these doubts. 

Other than these concerns that I’ve voiced the other “issues” that could come up are more of the personal preference type. For example, if you don’t like those thicker traditional palms that I talked about as an asset then they are not going to be the gloves for you. Ultimately like I just mentioned, that’s more of a personal preference that’s perfectly valid. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with the gloves. Of course as the case with any pair of gloves or anything within the goalkeeping realm it comes down to fit. It’s hard to give people a glove for an example that all of us are going to love. All things considered I get the sense that these Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves have a large market.        

Are Reusch Attrakt Freegel Gold Finger Support A Good Price/Quality Buy?

In a lot of these reviews I talk highly about gloves that are worse quality options than some others that I may come down on. The reason why I typically do this is because some gloves are a great option for the price tag that you’ll have to pay for them. While others are too expensive for what you’re getting. In this case taking into account the current state of the goalkeeper glove market these are one of the best deals that you’ll find out there. You’re getting a quality glove that can punch above its weight class. In the sense that there’s not much that gloves at 150 dollars will have over these gloves.  

At that 100 dollar range you could be snagging a pair of gloves that you’re going to be able to wear with confidence in games. They’re right within that frame where if you’re not on such a tight budget you can get a pair for training as well. Paying around 200 dollars for two pairs if you really like the glove can have you covered for the full season in training and games. Of course, this is me talking about a goalkeeper that trains almost on a daily basis and regularly plays in games on the weekends. In short, it is one of the best “value” gloves that I’ve reviewed on the site. I know 100 dollars isn’t on everyone’s value menu, but like I said these gloves can punch above their weight class.   

Types of Goalkeepers Who Should Look Into Buying These Gloves

This is something that I always like to talk about because if we’re being honest not all gloves are going to make sense for every type of goalkeeper. In this particular case these Reusch gloves can cater to a wider audience. This is mainly because of their price range. If you’re just someone who plays on the weekends, but you want to have a quality glove that’s going to help you make some saves, these gloves can be a very good buy. Again that 100 -120 dollar price point may seem high for people in this situation. Sadly, that’s just how the market is priced at this point.  

Also, like I mentioned in the previous paragraph these can be gloves that work great for high performance goalkeepers. For 200 dollars you can get two pairs and wear them out during the season. When your training gloves wear out you can buy a new pair and downgrade your current game gloves to training. Also, these are good gloves for goalkeepers with previous finger injuries like myself. Who knows that they would be better off using gloves with finger protection. You don’t like those gloves because they are too stiff. These gloves make an effort to bring you the best of both worlds.