Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard Review

Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard Review

This was certainly a surprise for me when I was looking through some of the more popular goalkeeper gloves on Amazon to review for you guys. These Renegade gloves popped up as one of the most purchased gloves on the site. Renegade is not a brand that’s necessarily known the world over. However, they’ve made a conscious effort to get their brand out there in the US. It seems to have paid off. I came across this brand a while back ago because they were offering sponsorship deals for college athletes. I’m not sponsored by this brand or any brand for that matter though. So you can expect to read a genuine review of their gloves. The Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard are the ones that I’m going to be looking at today. 

Right off the bat I noticed that the Fury line of Renegade gloves are very traditional models. They are usually thicker gloves with a strap on them for all of us who are looking for a pair of gloves that can mitigate the burn from some of those hard shots while providing that extra support to the wrist area. Something that I still can’t understand why some of the larger brands have decided to outright forgo! Just by taking a look at them right out of the box my sense was that these gloves were going to be a very solid option. The price point on these gloves is decent as well, so there’s a lot to like, but before I keep piling on the complements let’s get to an actual analysis. 

Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves – Grip

To be completely fair here I would have to say that you can’t expect these gloves to feature the type of grip that you can get from premium options. The thing is, you could always manufacture more grip with glove glu for example. You’d have the benefit of having a thicker glove that’s going to help you mitigate hard shots better. In this day and age we can’t necessarily be blown away by how sticky some gloves are when you just take them out of the box. That’s going to last a lot of times just a couple of games or training sessions. With that in mind I think that I feel comfortable saying that these gloves provide decent grip.

For me for example what I felt was that I was able to grasp the ball real well with these gloves. I’m specifically talking about myself using these gloves without finger spines. With finger spines you could be looking at another story. What I want to get at though is that if you have a good catching technique these are not going to be gloves that are going to get in the way of that. Are you going to have sticky hands like Spider-Man just by putting them on? No, that’s not going to be the case. Again though, grip is very subjective these days because you can use methods to enhance it. A lot of times with much more expensive gloves you need to enhance it anyway after a couple of weeks or so of use! For me grip is ok.

With or Without Finger Spines – You Get To Choose

One of the biggest upsides that a lot of people see with these gloves is the fact that you can choose if you want to use the gloves with or without finger spines. I just mentioned that I was able to get a very good grip with my technique without finger spines. That’s how I prefer to use my gloves because otherwise I feel like I’m not able to bend my fingers enough to be able to hold onto the ball. Anyway the finger spines in my opinion do serve their purpose for those people who are looking for a glove that features them. My thing with removable finger spines is that it’s on you to make sure that spines are set up in the right way. Usually I don’t recommend that you keep switching back and forth. 

Since this is a feature (the removable finger spines) that I believe all of the Renegade gloves have, the brand sells their spines as an add-on. That’s not because the original gloves don’t come with them. It’s because sometimes the spines are going to wear out, and you may want to replace them. In my opinion with other gloves that feature some type of finger support the palm area usually wears out before the spines do. So I don’t think that you’re going to need to purchase too many replacements. The set of 10 spines for two gloves is like 10 dollars extra, and that set can have you covered for a while. Even if you have a situation where one of the spines breaks they won’t all break at once. At least it’s highly unlikely.       

Durability Is One Of Their Main Virtues

Think about it this way, these guys would not venture into selling replacement parts for their gloves like the ones that I just talked about if they didn’t believe that their gloves lasted long. You could make the argument that they launched that product as a cheap add-on to earn more money. Which would be a valid argument except they’ve been selling extra spines for a while now. It would be a bad business move to spend money manufacturing them if they didn’t sell any. I mentioned I don’t think that you’ll need too many new spines, but it does speak to at least the faith that the brand has in the durability of their gloves.

How long do they last? These are gloves that if you take them to a nice field all the time, and you go home and wash them carefully can take a long time. In fact, to me that puts them in an interesting category where it makes sense to use them as practice gloves. I would understand if you told me I need a little more grip in games or what not. For practice though I want something that can handle some of the rough fields that I play for a while. Without having them cost me premium money or being disposable gloves. There’s an argument to be made that the Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard fit that description perfectly. I’m not saying you can’t use them for games, but their durability makes them great practice gloves.         

Rough Backhand Area

The backhand part of these gloves brought back a couple of memories. For a lot of years multiple brands tried to make this combination work. What they would do is have some type of mesh fabric, the one that’s really stretchy and has holes in it. They would feature that in the parts of the hand that you need to move. Then the other part of the backhand of the glove would be made out of some form of hard plastic or harder foam materials. This is essentially exactly the design that these gloves feature. It helps people who want to wear these gloves with finger spines, actually. Because it makes the gloves not be hard all around the back. The design gives you some mobility. 

Does the hard backhand area really help you punch the ball out further? Not really, but that’s not just something that we could say about these gloves, we could say the same about all other gloves that have this type of backhand. There are usually some benefits though. For example, that backhand tends to be more durable. Some of the gloves that are just 100% latex all around are going to start to rip from places that you don’t expect them to. That’s why some of the top brands now use neoprene for the backhand. This type of material works well, and is going to help the glove keep its shape.     

The Price For These Gloves Is Very Competitive

Why are these gloves popular? Why did I say that they are perfect practice gloves? Because you’re getting a quality product that’s going to provide you with “enough” to be able to compete, and you won’t be paying top dollar for it. To be completely honest I’m always looking for these middle of the pack gloves (when it comes to price) that I can get good performance out of.  These Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves with Microbe-Guard fall right in there. They are currently going for around 62 dollars and change, maybe plus shipping. If you get them on Amazon, and you’re an Amazon Prime user shipping is likely going to be free. That adds to the benefits that these gloves provide.

Recently I bought a pair of gloves that cost me over 100 dollars and I had to pay for shipping. That was not pretty for me. 62 dollars though for practice gloves that could very well last the season or at least about 3 months for those of you going hard training daily, that seems like a good deal. If you’re just going to be using them for the Sunday league games they are going to last quite a bit more for you. Especially if you’re active with the glove care. A lot of times it’s a pain in the neck, but spending some time cleaning the gloves after the game could save you perhaps about one new pair a year.      

Would It Make Sense To Try The Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves? 

As I’ve recently been doing these reviews I get the sense that not all of these gloves are going to be a good fit for everyone out there. Again that’s something that I could say about virtually any gloves on the market, not just the Renegade GK Fury Goalie Gloves. As I mentioned earlier these for me are going to be a great addition for guys or girls who are training constantly. Since this glove is a bit thicker I like that for training because you know it’s going to help you deal with the harder shots more so than some other options would. Even gloves that are much more expensive.

Who do these gloves make sense for then? Again training, but I’ve been through that enough. If you’re someone who’s only bought extremely cheap gloves, and you want to upgrade your glove game, and you don’t want to break the bank to do so, these are a good step up. Recently for example, I had a finger injury and I went out and bought very cheap gloves with finger spines. If I had known these were an option I would’ve bought these because at least I could’ve kept using them when I got better. The ones I bought just sit in my room kind of used. So actually these gloves have quite the range of goalkeepers that they can attract now that I’ve broken it all down! I didn’t necessarily expect that to be honest. 

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