Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf Review

Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf Review – Next Generation Turf Gloves

It’s not all that often that I get a chance to try out a glove and realize immediately that they’re going to be a good option for people. Even with some of the best gloves I’ve ever worn or felt like they were over the top you get the sense that they’re still not worth it for a lot of people. When I was going to try out these Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf my thought process was that they can be good, but only for people who play on really rough fields. I’ve actually talked about the first generation turf gloves from Rinat before and my biggest knock was the fact that you were giving a ton of grip to wear the glove. It was like, sure the palm lasts, but the grip still sucks. 

When I put on these new generation Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf gloves the first thing that I realized was the fact that the grip had drastically improved. In the first generation of turf palms from Rinat you could feel the fact that the palms were hard. Like I said that helped them last longer, but you weren’t getting a ton of grip to begin with. Here you’re getting maybe a little less durability so the brand is playing with that balance to try and find a good middle ground. I always like to see brands evolve. I typically give them points for that. In any case, let’s explore if the Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf gloves are right for you. That’s probably what you came here looking to find. 

Apart From The Grip or Not What Stands Out From These Gloves?

One of the things that you’re going to notice right off the bat when you put these gloves on is that they’re thicker than what the norm is now. In fact, there’s a version of the glove that comes with finger protection. So you can get a glove that’s not only more durable, but it’s going to allow you to deal with harder shots a lot better. When you pair those two attributes up you’re going to realize that this is shaping up to be a good training glove. Even though it’s a thicker glove, that foam backside helps make sure that you can keep some mobility. With the finger protection version you’re going to lose some of that mobility. That’s something that you’re going to want to keep in mind.

Staying on the safety side of things this is also a glove that has a typical wrist strap so that you can secure up that part of your hand. Actually it’s one of these gloves that’s hard to put on especially when new. You may need some help from teammates and coaches to get the glove on. Once you’ve got the glove on though you’re going to be able to really feel that support that is key for goalkeepers. Particularly for younger goalkeepers in that development stage. I’ve talked about how modern gloves omit this sense of protection in the wrist area and even with the thickness of the glove. These gloves do provide that in a very traditional manner.      

Keep Them Wet To Get The Most Out Of Them

This is something that can be said about any goalkeeper glove. I wanted to point it out though in regard to these Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf because I’ve seen complaints about the glove ripping with minimal usage. Of course, if you buy a glove for its durability, and it tears up in the first couple of matches or training sessions you’re going to be pretty angry. In my experience most of these issues though where people are complaining have a lot to do with using these gloves completely dry. You’re actually hurting yourself in two different ways if you do make sure that these gloves are at least damp when you play

The first thing is that the gloves are going to feel really hard. That was my first experience when I tried them on at a store. What you feel is that you’re getting zero grip. Once you get them wet the grip gets considerably better. At the same time wet gloves are going to be able to hold up better even as you drag them through a tough field. This mainly due to the water acting as a bit of a lubricant. When you drag a dry glove through a rough field, regardless of the types of gloves that we’re talking about, there’s a higher chance that the glove is going to rip. Keep that in mind before and during your use of these gloves.  

The Price Tag Makes Them Attractive To More Goalkeepers

Without a doubt one of the facts that just can’t be overlooked. I always say that in a lot of the reviews that I do you may end up seeing that I’m talking better about lower quality gloves then maybe something that’s really a premium option. That’s exactly the reason why I do it. For example, these Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf at 50 dollars are gloves that I would feel comfortable taking a flier on if I played on rough fields a lot and I needed a training glove that wasn’t going to bankrupt me. Could I get better performance from a pair of gloves in the 100 dollar range? That’s a good chance that that’s the case. Yet they may be worn out by month 3! 

Is this more of a practice glove than a game glove? You could make that argument if you don’t necessarily play on turf a lot. In fact, if you take these gloves to a good field they can last a long time! Whatever your other gloves last you could add a couple of months to the total durability with these pretty easily. There are certain concerns particularly with the grip being kind of middle of the pack. That low-end price tag though does make them come into the picture in a sense. Would these be a pair of gloves that I would be comfortable paying 70 or 80 dollars for? Probably not, we’d be having a completely different conversation for sure. That’s exactly the point, at 50 dollars if you need a durable glove, these Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf have to be in the picture.      

If You Don’t Play In A Turf Field Does It Make Sense To Buy Them?

With the previous version of the gloves I would’ve said that it didn’t make any sense to buy the gloves. Just based on the fact that there were gloves within this price range of 50 dollars more or less with better grip. Even if these Rinat gloves can give you more durability that may not be your main concern if you play on perfect fields all of the time. With the bump though in grip with this new version and the price tag I could certainly see parents thinking that these gloves are a great idea. In fact, I play on really bad fields a lot and that’s why I bought these gloves. If I was still training daily on good grass at this price range I would give them a look. 

Of course, I would have them more in a training glove position than anything else. If you’re training every single day or 4 days a week and you’re going through your 100+ dollar gloves too quickly these Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf gloves are worth a look. You’re not only going to be saving money on training gloves, but you’ll have a pair that gives you ok grip for a long time. It’s fair to say that some modern gloves give you over the top grip, but a lot of times that lasts 3 games? Then the drop in grip levels is massive! With these gloves you don’t get the impressive grip at the start, but you get plenty of time with ok grip.         

How Long Can You Expect These Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf To Last?

This is going to come down to the type of fields that you’re playing in, how often you’re playing and even your diving technique. Like I said before in the article, I feel comfortable saying that you could add about a month, a half to two months to the lifespan that you get from your current gloves. I’m usually really picky with gloves. I end up throwing them out when a lot of people would argue that they’ve still got some life left in them. That’s exactly what I was saying before the grip levels just drop drastically. I don’t see the need to push on with a glove that just doesn’t give the security that I need. With these gloves like I mentioned you get decent performance that’s pretty even throughout their life span. 

Since you don’t feel that drop you’re going to be comfortable using them for 4 months if your regular gloves last 3. If you usually throw away gloves after about 4 months you can maybe get 6 months out of this pair. That’s a long time in goalkeeper glove years! Just because these gloves are heavy-duty in a sense doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from some decent care. You want to make sure that you’re still washing them the same way that you would other more delicate gloves. Proper glove care is going to allow you to really extend the lifespan of these gloves to unprecedented levels. 

Are The Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf Gloves A Good Buy?  

At this point you probably understand that I completely believe these gloves can be a good buy. If you’ve read some of the other reviews that I have on the site you know that a lot of times I talk about certain gloves having a limited audience. In fact, if we’re realistic all gloves have a very limited audience. Even some of the top options on the market are going to be way overpriced for them to make sense as a buy for a very novice goalkeeper. What I can say about these Rinat Egotiko Stellar Turf Gloves is that they have a really large market! They make them for kids, and you’ve got the option of buying the gloves with finger protection. Those two things automatically widen your market a ton.   

As far as the type of goalkeeper that these gloves make sense for, there are two situations that stick out to me. Of course, if you’re someone who plays or even worse, trains on rough fields. These gloves make a ton of sense because they’re not that expensive, they’re more durable and have better grip than their previous version. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty training glove these can be a great fit. Even for people who play on great fields. If your budget for goalkeeper gloves isn’t particularly steep, 50 dollars for 5 months worth of service is a great deal! Obviously if you play less and you are diligent about glove care you could go for a full year with one pair.

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